AirTalk’s FilmWeek at the Egyptian 2015 Oscar Handicap

On Sunday, February 8 at 1PM, Larry Mantle will convened the critics of Film Week on AirTalk for a live event sizing up the Oscar hopefuls and overlooked gems of the year.

Watch here:  AirTalk’s FilmWeek at the Egyptian 2015 (#AT30)

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In 2014, audiences saw “Boyhood,” a movie made over 12 years, the story of civil rights marchers turned into “Selma” and the lives of physicist Stephen Hawking and Olympian and World War II survivor Louie Zamperini were brought to the big screen, among many other critically-acclaimed films.


Egyptian Staff Photographer

Larry and critics Andy Klein, Lael Loewenstein, Wade Major, Amy Nicholson, Claudia Puig, Peter Rainer, Henry Sheehan, Charles Solomon, and Tim Cogshell to talk about the best movies of the year and which ones should take home the gold.

Tim is Critic At Large for Alt Film Guide (  Twenty years of his reviews are archived at:

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